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7 reasons why you should start your business today.

Here are 7 reasons why NOW is the best time to start a business.

Costs are low

With the economy still struggling to get on it’s feet, prices for goods and services have never been lower.  Deals are running rampant as company’s try to get your patronage by whatever means necessary, even if that means dropping price.  This could be especially good if you have strong negotiation skills.

Talent is out there

Unemployment is still high so you have a huge talent pool to choose from if looking for the right person.  It’s an employers market out there and people looking for jobs are desperate right now.  You should be able to find the perfect candidate for your position in no time.

Internet is free

This has been a big one for along time and will continue to be big one for years to come.  Just 20 yrs ago if you wanted to be a real company you had to open up a physical shop.  Now you could have a website and look professional for little to nothing.  I know of some businesses that their only customer channel is through a Facebook fan page and those are free.

Leveled playing field

With the cost of professional equipment down, and people getting there starts on YouTube, its anyone’s game right now.  There is no excuse for you not to be in the field that you want to be in.  Kids are getting there start just by playing around in the field that is now accessible to them.

Global market

Aside from the internet, foreign markets are looking to put there foot on US soil. Partnering with companies could be a great way to get started.  China has manufacturing companies that are looking for business to sell their products here in the US.  They are just waiting to see who will contact them.


With technology bringing people together at a rate as never before, there is no excuse for not getting in touch with partners, customers or anyone.  Texting, email, Social Networking sites and the old but true, phone call.  All could be done by your smart phone and done right now.

The structure is in turmoil

Don’t wait until the dust settles to find out what you want to do, otherwise you will be reacting to those around you.  The large companies of today were small ones that took action when things were in chaos and when the dust settled they came out victors over the battlefield.


Fad or Trend

When I was going to Jr high and High school, the popular thing for the guys was to wear baggy pants and to have them worn lower than your hips, to “sagg”.  And to some the lower your pants were the better, it was sign of how cool you were.  I’d hear parents tell me to “pull up your pants”, “do you need a belt”.  To them it looked like a baby trying on his dads clothes.  Fast forward to today and you just the opposite, you see kids wearing skinny jeans and it looks like the tighter the better.  I shake my head looking at it and wonder what are they thinking, just as my parents shook their heads looking at me. It’s a cycle that all parents go though with the next generation, but need not worry because it’s just a fad.

Now a trend on the other hand starts out looking just like a fad.  A few people start getting into it and it starts to get popular.  But trends have something more than just a popularity thing going for them, they have this factor of reaching across generations and they usually have a stronger cause for the “why they are doing it” other than the teenage “just cause”.  Going “green” is a good example of a trend.  How more and more people are environmentally conscious, buying and investing in products that are good for the planet.  I see this trend growing more and more as some of the larger companies are now heavily investing in this trend.  On a more techy side, smart phones are trending up.  With the launch of the iPhone more and more people are getting used to having devices that do everything, so Blackberry and Android Phones are getting a boost too riding the wave of that trend.   With trends there ideas are here to stay, the products may change and the leading companies may fall, but the ideas are here to stay.

Is what you are working on a fad a trend?  Are you working on something that is hot at the moment, or are you working on something that is trend, something that is hot right now but will be smoking hot in years to come?

It’s just people.

Do you think you would have all these problems if you were the only one person in this world.  Financial problems, social problems, whatever your problem, it wouldn’t be a problem if you were the only one here, right?

But you’re not the only one here.  The world is filled with all these people that you have to deal with.  Your parents, friends, co-workers, your boss, the lady in the check-out lane, the guy that took your parking spot.  So here it is, the great equation for life.

Me + (Other People) = Life

You are the constant and the “Other People” are the variable.

So it’s not the world that you have to deal with, it’s these other people that enter and exit your life that you deal with.  It’s not them and it’s not you, it’s the relationship that you have with these people for the whatever amount of time that you spend with them.  It could be 1 sec or 1 lifetime.  Its how you choose to deal with each relationship that forms your life.

So when life gets you down, don’t sweat it just remember,

it’s just people.

WordPress vs Tumblr

There has been a lot of discussion about the fact that Tumblr now has more subscribers than WordPress.  As a first time blogger, I took the liberty of creating both a Tumblr and WordPress account to see where I could best set up shop to display my work and which one best embodies my style.  I thought what better way to do this than to pit the two together.  I figured since I’m just starting out and haven’t used one more than other, that it would qualify my opinion as unbiased.  So here we go.

I chose the following categories for the two hosting sites to be compared:

  • Posting
  • Customization
  • Mobility
  • Socialization


Posting is the lifeblood of the web and you’ll need to be quick and stand out if you want your posts to be read.  WordPress has a few more formatting tools when posting text like Header formats and changing the color of your text.  Where as Tumblr‘s point and shoot style is quick and simple.

Tumblr has a chat type post that allows your post to look like a dialog.  Something that would be good for if you had a funny conversation with your daughter or someone who didn’t understand what you are saying.  Just so you don’t have to put “and then she said”.  I could see this coming in handy for telling jokes too.

WordPress has two other post types: polls and custom forms.  The Polls are done by Polldaddy and are very cool at getting ideas or making decisions on dates for events, new projects, etc. and they even tally the results so you could see it in graph form or percentages.  An awesome feature for gathering data.  The custom forms is another feature that allows you to add a form in the middle of your post.  Another tool for gathering data or organizing feedback.


Both sites have their own theme library which vary from the super simple to complex.  If you know HTML/CSS you’ll be able to go further than most and customize to your desire. Without getting into each detail, WordPress has a lot more customizations that are just drag and drop where Tumblr holds to it’s function of simplicity.  There is also a larger community for WordPress designers, so there are tons of widgets to choose from.  Tumblr has the same but you might have to learn a little HTML/CSS if you are picky about designs.  Also WordPress looks more corporate and Tumblr looks more creative, just an overall observation on majority of the themes.


Both have mobile apps that allow you to post on the go.  Your able to see posts that are in the drafts and in the queue and able to upload images and posts like normal.  Since Tumblr has it’s dashboard you are able to see what’s happening with people you are following, where as WordPress, you could only see comments to your posts.


These sites both have ties into Twitter and Facebook.  The only difference that I could find is that with Tumblr you have to turn off the feed to Facebook in the settings section if you don’t want a particular post to be sent to Facebook.  In WordPress you have both Facebook and Twitter as check boxes on each post, so you could customize after you write.  WordPress also has feeds to del.icio.us, Meebo and Flickr, if those are sites that you subscribe to.

My Final Thoughts

No matter how you slice it, I have to say that WordPress is the better blogging site.  Tumblr is a good site too, but I find it to be a website sideways from Facebook.  If Facebook allowed the user profile pages to be customizable then you could have Tumblr right there.  But then you would be looking more like MySpace and not Facebook.  Not sure if that would be a good thing.

Due to it’s rich tools and customization, it is better for professional bloggers and those that want to write posts such as this one to use WordPress.  I mean that’s why you are reading this here instead of there.

I’d love to hear back from you on either side.  Leave a comment, tell me what you think.



Ube cupcakes


Ube cupcakes.

Sophisticakes by Heidi.

Photo by Cedric Reyes.  These were an order for my god daughter’s baptism.  So good.

Opportunity Knocking

Are you waiting for your big break? Waiting for something to happen? Why? Do you think it going to just find you out of the crowd and look past everything just to pick you. Well I wish I had your imagination because that’s a doosy.

Instead of waiting for opportunity to come to you, why don’t you meet it half way and be out there. Be where the fish are. You’ll get better results and at least you’ll have a story to tell then just sitting at home doing nothing.

Creating Presense

“If your presence doesn’t make an impact, then your absence won’t matter”



Day 2 – the doctors visit

Well the results are in and the winner is……ME! I’ve just won a trip to the OR!

The doctor examined my leg and it’s official, the tendon is ripped completely and I’ll need surgery to have them reattach it. Not one of my finest hours but one that will go down in history for sure.

Starting off on the right foot


Well I can’t start on the left foot because it’s busted. I tore my Achilles tendon playing basketball today. What a way to start off summer. What about all the trips that I wanted to take and things that I wanted to do this summer. How was I going to take the kids biking or teach them to swim. And I signed up for ToughMudder in September how was going to all that now? Then the all knowing voice of truth calmly said to me “you aren’t.”

When one door closes another opens. I wonder what door will open for me now.

Going for hosted or self-hosted

Deciding on whether to go hosted or self-hosted for my blogging. On one hand I would like to be in total control of my blog from domain to background and layout but at the same time just trying it out might be the way to go. I tried Blogger and Tumblr and it seems like WordPress has the most features to have the feel of customization but at the same time be 100% hosted. Others may allow to change the theme but don’t seem to have enough widgets to make the site feel like it’s your own. I think I’ll “post” here for a while and check it out. The idea of hosting here if I finally decide is a great plus and it will all be familiar once it’s all said and done.


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