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What do you want?

Its funny how things work out.  You think you are doing the right thing and walking a certain way but situations seem like they just aren’t working out.  So you try something different and still you don’t what you want.  So you look at the process and try to change it, thinking that it will give you a different result.

Well I have an idea.  Instead of looking at the process, try looking at the result and changing that end of the equation.  I’m not asking you to change your dream or your goals, but just evaluate why you want that dream or goal.  If it’s a material thing or if it’s a state of being, maybe you are looking at it the wrong way and you want what you want for the wrong reasons.

Think about it: maybe the reason that you’re not getting the results you want is because you don’t really want those results to begin with.

Once you know the deep down “Why”, the how will follow.


Mind sweeping

Sometime life gets so complicated and so overwhelming that it’s hard to see which way is up.  You have responsibilities with the kids, with the family, with work, with 101 other things.  Here is a quick tip that I use anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Take out a pad and paper or any word processing program and start writing down everything that has your attention and why.  Start with the biggest thing on your mind and work down.  It doesn’t have to be a task that you have to accomplish, it could just be a feeling or a person you are dealing with, just put it down so that it covers the thought that is in your mind.  And be sure to write down “why” this thing has your attention.  Continue to list things until everything that is on your mind is written down.  Once you are done with everything that concerns you, ask yourself “is that it?”. Put down anything else that comes to mind.

The purpose of a mind sweep is to give you a tangible list of things to tackle.  I usually do this when I’m worrying about things or when I feel, “there are just too many things going on”.  I usually find out after writing there are just a few things going on that I’ve blown out of proportion.  Or after I’ve written the list, I find that there are things that are outside my control so why worry about them in the first place.

This list is a way to mentally check-in with yourself to see how you are doing and make sure you are on track.  Now that you have a list, you could plan, prioritize, and take action on those things and make your worries disappear.

The opposite of fear is not courage, it’s action.


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