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What do you want?

Its funny how things work out.  You think you are doing the right thing and walking a certain way but situations seem like they just aren’t working out.  So you try something different and still you don’t what you want.  So you look at the process and try to change it, thinking that it will give you a different result.

Well I have an idea.  Instead of looking at the process, try looking at the result and changing that end of the equation.  I’m not asking you to change your dream or your goals, but just evaluate why you want that dream or goal.  If it’s a material thing or if it’s a state of being, maybe you are looking at it the wrong way and you want what you want for the wrong reasons.

Think about it: maybe the reason that you’re not getting the results you want is because you don’t really want those results to begin with.

Once you know the deep down “Why”, the how will follow.


About Antonio J Galvan

I am a writer looking to start his career in writing. I've written commercials, short story scripts, and articles and essays ranging from leadership in the corporate field to parenting two-year-old's. Writing to me is my outlet for all the thoughts in my head. I have to let the voices talk to someone, it might as well be you.


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