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Mind like water

In the book “Getting things done”, David Allen mentions having a mind like water. When a pebble is dropped into a pond, it creates a reaction called a ripple and this ripple is in direct proportion to the size of the pebble. The water doesn’t overreact or under-react to the pebble but it reacts perfectly to the pebble and then comes back to clam again. This is the first step in creating boundaries for all your areas of life.

When a pebble gets dropped into your pond don’t overreact or under-react but give it the attention it deserves and then move on. Back to calm, ready for the next pebble.

New Project with Built 2 Gr1nd

Working on a new project with DL da Arsun from Built 2 Gr1nd.  Talking with DL, the founder of Built 2 Gr1nd, he has a vision for his label and his music.  But basically the vision he had was in sync with my vision I had for my writing so instead of being in competition with each other, I decided to lend my services and offered for the two of us to work together.  We have a lot in common so it was natural for us to work together.  I’m working on writing profiles for his upcoming magazine that is part of the Build 2 Gr1nd line.

I will be posting on things that come up with this project along with other projects that come along the way.  More to come.


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