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The Power of the Decision

We all change our minds from time to time and that is something that’s normal for everyone, but what isn’t normal is is the wishy-washy-ness that seems to plague many people today.  You see it in the way we plan out our days, to the commitments we make to others and even to ourselves.   We are a nation of “whatevers” and we want to go around life just doing what other people tell us to do or we look to whatever social proof there is to fuel our ideas and we run with it.  (Social proof = if everyone is doing it, it must be right.)  Oh, so and so is doing this, maybe I should do it too, or so and so bought this, maybe I should buy it too.

We go around life playing follow the leader, but we change the leaders so often that when we actually stop to see the direction we’ve gone in, it’s a maze of tangled lines that often leads to the same spot we were in a month ago, or a year ago.

Take this test if you will:  Pick the area of life that you most want to work on.  Look back a month or even a year ago and ask yourself this, “have I made any big/hard decisions in this area of my life and stuck with it?”

If you have then great, you understand the power, but if not then I leave you with this: a choice will be made on your life but will it be you making the decision?


About Antonio J Galvan

I am a writer looking to start his career in writing. I've written commercials, short story scripts, and articles and essays ranging from leadership in the corporate field to parenting two-year-old's. Writing to me is my outlet for all the thoughts in my head. I have to let the voices talk to someone, it might as well be you.


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