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What’s the difference?

What do Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Tyler Pennington have in common?

They are all super famous?  Well yes, but that’s not what I as looking for.  The answer I was looking for was, they are all Impact players.

The moment that you see them get involved in something, you know right away that this thing is going to have a huge impact on people. When MJ stepped on the court, his talent impacted his team by raising the bar of their team-play, it requested the A-game of the opposing team, and it inspired millions of fans to “Want to be like Mike”.  When Mr. Jobs stepped on stage you knew what he was bringing to the table was going to be a game changer forever impacting the marketplace as we know it. And Tyler, with his loud hair with personality to match, there is no doubt that he has personally impacted the lives of hundreds of people when he gets involved in a home makeover project, not just the families but the whole community.

Now I’m not sure of the motives of each one of these examples but I’m sure that at some point in time these men decided to leave nothing on the table and give life their all. They put their blood, sweat and tears into their passion and as a result have made a name for themselves as impact players.

Not to long ago I made a promise to myself that where ever I go and whatever project I’m working on, that I’m going to make a difference in that project. That anyone who knows about that project will know
that I was a huge impact on the success of that project. That I will create value to those around me and that my work ethic will be displayed in commitments that I take on.

I didn’t want to be a spectator but a participator, and not just a participator but an impact player.

“If your presence isn’t impactful, then your absence won’t matter”

Are you an Impact player?


About Antonio J Galvan

I am a writer looking to start his career in writing. I've written commercials, short story scripts, and articles and essays ranging from leadership in the corporate field to parenting two-year-old's. Writing to me is my outlet for all the thoughts in my head. I have to let the voices talk to someone, it might as well be you.


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