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Playing to the music.

January 19th, 2012.  It was an unbelievable night with emotions running high.  A close friend of mine, Jason Cabrera, aka DJ J.Sin, the official DJ of Built2Grind, was at his first Las Vegas gig at The Beatle’s Revolution Lounge in the Mirage hotel and casino.

The club put him down in the books back in November but J.Sin got some last minute news the day before.  Not only was he going to be the DJ that night but he was going to be the DJ for an event they were having called “The Good Foot” Thursday’s.  That Thursday “The Good Foot” was going to host a tribute to late-great Jimmy Castor.  For those that don’t know, Jimmy Castor was famous for his contributions to funk music and the beginning of the breakdancing culture.   His song, “It’s just begun”, was one of the most sampled songs among breakers.  The emcee of the tribute was a good friend of Jimmy Castor, the legendary breaker, Mr. Freeze.  Freeze is from a group called the Rock Steady Crew from New York and is one of the main promoters of the Beatle’s Revolution Lounge.

“These were my idols growing up,” J.Sin says “… and now I’m going to be spinning for them.”

This was surreal as J.Sin started off as a breaker and these guys were the inspiration for him getting into music.

The night of the event came quick and J.Sin kept his composer while shaking hands with Mr. Freeze, meeting him for the first time and talking about how the night will unfold.  Built2Grind was in the house along with fans of J.Sin ready to blow the roof off that place.

The tribute started with a moment of silence for the late Jimmy Castor and then a circle was made for breakers and dancers of all genres to showcase their moves.  Members from the Rock Steady Crew, Zulu Nation and Super Crew were there, just to name a few.  It was a great night and things couldn’t have been more perfect.

“It was just such a honor for me to play for the b-boys” J.Sin says.

DJ J.Sin worked the room afterwards while the rest of us just watched in admiration for our friend.  In the end the club asked him to come back anytime and you could be sure that he’ll be a regular there at the Mirage.

The next day I got to talk to J.Sin more about that night, and between trying to work and being in awe of the talent he was around, he didn’t know how it went.

“It happened so fast I didn’t have time to process everything,”

Like Will Ferral blacking out in the movie “Old School”.  We all LOL’d at his humble awareness of what just happend, but he did an awesome job.  From prepping for the event and finding out legends will be there dancing to your music, (no pressure right).  Through all that, he kept his cool the whole night.  I wondered how he was able to keep so calm with all the things that were thrown at him in such a short time, but just seeing him in action that night I realized that he was just doing what he does best …

playing to the music.




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