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7 reasons why you should start your business today.

Here are 7 reasons why NOW is the best time to start a business.

Costs are low

With the economy still struggling to get on it’s feet, prices for goods and services have never been lower.  Deals are running rampant as company’s try to get your patronage by whatever means necessary, even if that means dropping price.  This could be especially good if you have strong negotiation skills.

Talent is out there

Unemployment is still high so you have a huge talent pool to choose from if looking for the right person.  It’s an employers market out there and people looking for jobs are desperate right now.  You should be able to find the perfect candidate for your position in no time.

Internet is free

This has been a big one for along time and will continue to be big one for years to come.  Just 20 yrs ago if you wanted to be a real company you had to open up a physical shop.  Now you could have a website and look professional for little to nothing.  I know of some businesses that their only customer channel is through a Facebook fan page and those are free.

Leveled playing field

With the cost of professional equipment down, and people getting there starts on YouTube, its anyone’s game right now.  There is no excuse for you not to be in the field that you want to be in.  Kids are getting there start just by playing around in the field that is now accessible to them.

Global market

Aside from the internet, foreign markets are looking to put there foot on US soil. Partnering with companies could be a great way to get started.  China has manufacturing companies that are looking for business to sell their products here in the US.  They are just waiting to see who will contact them.


With technology bringing people together at a rate as never before, there is no excuse for not getting in touch with partners, customers or anyone.  Texting, email, Social Networking sites and the old but true, phone call.  All could be done by your smart phone and done right now.

The structure is in turmoil

Don’t wait until the dust settles to find out what you want to do, otherwise you will be reacting to those around you.  The large companies of today were small ones that took action when things were in chaos and when the dust settled they came out victors over the battlefield.


Opportunity Knocking

Are you waiting for your big break? Waiting for something to happen? Why? Do you think it going to just find you out of the crowd and look past everything just to pick you. Well I wish I had your imagination because that’s a doosy.

Instead of waiting for opportunity to come to you, why don’t you meet it half way and be out there. Be where the fish are. You’ll get better results and at least you’ll have a story to tell then just sitting at home doing nothing.

Starting off on the right foot


Well I can’t start on the left foot because it’s busted. I tore my Achilles tendon playing basketball today. What a way to start off summer. What about all the trips that I wanted to take and things that I wanted to do this summer. How was I going to take the kids biking or teach them to swim. And I signed up for ToughMudder in September how was going to all that now? Then the all knowing voice of truth calmly said to me “you aren’t.”

When one door closes another opens. I wonder what door will open for me now.


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