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Project 52

It’s the new year and people are kicking off their resolutions to better themselves for 2012.  I too am one of the many that loves goals and seeing myself improve from year to year.  I’ve tried many methods of goal keeping from 7 habits to GTD to just plan and simple “just do it”.  All work for a time, but with the change in pace that my life takes from day-to-day to minute-to-minute, I found that you just need to find something that works for you now.  If you find that something isn’t working properly then it is perfectly ok to change it.  I’m trying something new with this.

Project 52 is my way of pacing myself with one goal, while working on my other projects.  This is my spin of the “project 365″s out there that are done on a daily basis.  Kudos to those that have taken on that task and are able to complete it.

The goal is to have more lunch/dinner dates with friends and family.

Working from home full time for the past year, I feel like I’ve turned into a hermit.  Communicating through the magic box and only coming out of my “cave” to get food or supplies.  And I think that I’ve neglected the personal aspect of the simple conversation.  A disappearing art form since the invention of the smartphone.  I see people communicating all the time, but not a lot of connecting.

I have other goals for this year, as I really am a goal freak, but this is one that I was a little embarrassed to put out there since it feels like everyone is so social and going out all the time to interesting places and doing interesting things.  You know the feeling, or maybe you don’t because you’re the one posting all the pictures.  Either way, you can’t step out of your comfort zone if you still feel comfortable after you take the step.   So this is me taking a step, not because I’m afraid of people, but because I’m asking for people to connect.

With that said… Let’s do lunch.


It’s just people.

Do you think you would have all these problems if you were the only one person in this world.  Financial problems, social problems, whatever your problem, it wouldn’t be a problem if you were the only one here, right?

But you’re not the only one here.  The world is filled with all these people that you have to deal with.  Your parents, friends, co-workers, your boss, the lady in the check-out lane, the guy that took your parking spot.  So here it is, the great equation for life.

Me + (Other People) = Life

You are the constant and the “Other People” are the variable.

So it’s not the world that you have to deal with, it’s these other people that enter and exit your life that you deal with.  It’s not them and it’s not you, it’s the relationship that you have with these people for the whatever amount of time that you spend with them.  It could be 1 sec or 1 lifetime.  Its how you choose to deal with each relationship that forms your life.

So when life gets you down, don’t sweat it just remember,

it’s just people.


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