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Fad or Trend

When I was going to Jr high and High school, the popular thing for the guys was to wear baggy pants and to have them worn lower than your hips, to “sagg”.  And to some the lower your pants were the better, it was sign of how cool you were.  I’d hear parents tell me to “pull up your pants”, “do you need a belt”.  To them it looked like a baby trying on his dads clothes.  Fast forward to today and you just the opposite, you see kids wearing skinny jeans and it looks like the tighter the better.  I shake my head looking at it and wonder what are they thinking, just as my parents shook their heads looking at me. It’s a cycle that all parents go though with the next generation, but need not worry because it’s just a fad.

Now a trend on the other hand starts out looking just like a fad.  A few people start getting into it and it starts to get popular.  But trends have something more than just a popularity thing going for them, they have this factor of reaching across generations and they usually have a stronger cause for the “why they are doing it” other than the teenage “just cause”.  Going “green” is a good example of a trend.  How more and more people are environmentally conscious, buying and investing in products that are good for the planet.  I see this trend growing more and more as some of the larger companies are now heavily investing in this trend.  On a more techy side, smart phones are trending up.  With the launch of the iPhone more and more people are getting used to having devices that do everything, so Blackberry and Android Phones are getting a boost too riding the wave of that trend.   With trends there ideas are here to stay, the products may change and the leading companies may fall, but the ideas are here to stay.

Is what you are working on a fad a trend?  Are you working on something that is hot at the moment, or are you working on something that is trend, something that is hot right now but will be smoking hot in years to come?



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